Master Healer Pankaj Naram discusses the new Swiss health law.

benefits of natural medicine

Dr. Pankaj Naram believes in the power of natural medicine

A new Swiss law has elevated the practice of natural healing and ancient medical techniques to a professional level of recognition. Master Healer Pankaj Naram, a world-renowned expert in Siddha-Veda Ancient Secrets and a recognized authority on pulse reading, says the new Swiss legislation is a positive development for those who love natural healing, and for the world.

Until now, Switzerland’s government, along with most of Europe and the U.S., had not offered an official licensing program for natural healers. Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, Ayurveda and naturopathy were virtually unregulated and unrecognized. This made it difficult for practitioners to garner the respect that they deserve.

Master Healer Pankaj Naram believes that other European nations will follow the lead of Switzerland, which has long been one of the countries in the forefront of medicine, especially in Europe. Dr. Pankaj Naram has worked with more than 1 million clients worldwide. He routinely helps people who complain of blood diseases, arthritis, cancer, mental disorders, epilepsy, lung ailments and many other chronic and acute health challenges. His expertise in the area of Siddha-Veda Secrets is unparalleled and is one of the reasons his clinics fill up so quickly.

Until the recent change in Swiss law, only private organizations recognized alternative medical degrees and certifications. The new law is groundbreaking because it will let patients get health insurance reimbursement for many kinds of alternative treatments. Before, that was not the case, and consumers had to foot the entire bill for such procedures in cash.

Master Healer Pankaj Naram believes that health care, whether traditional or alternative, should be both affordable and effective, which is why he started the Dr Pankaj Naram Seva Foundation, and also why he takes his clinics and seminars on tour to dozens of cities worldwide. Dr. Pankaj Naram agrees with many Swiss medical experts that the new law will help bring more of the major insurers on board. That will help all consumers when it comes time to regaining health and staying healthy. Master Healer Pankaj Naram brings health and peace of mind to countless people when he travels to the U.S., India, Nepal, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and many other nations.

His high level of authority in the area of Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets has been recognized with awards he has received in Asia, Europe, Africa and the U.S. He received an award from State Legislature and former Governor of New Jersey for helping and healing thousands of 9-11 first responders, removing the toxins from their body through his ancient healing system. He has worked with the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and other prominent persons, as well as the indigent poor in India who have nowhere else to turn for medical help.

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mental and physical health integration

Dr. Pankaj Naram says mental and physical health are very important.

While healthcare leaders continue to push for better integration between mental health and physical medicine, a recent report from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation shows the goal as will not be reached soon.

The connection between mental health and physical health has long been espoused by Master Healer Pankaj Naram. Master Healer Pankaj Naram is an authority in Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets. He, too, advocates for better integration of care for mental and physical health.

According to the Blue Cross Blue Shield study, there are many in the medical field who believe patients would be more likely to get mental healthcare or substance abuse treatment if their primary care doctor’s office offered those services.

Unfortunately, according to the report, current government regulations create barriers for integrating behavioral health with primary care because the archaic rules surrounding licensing, privacy, and insurance reimbursement. As the report states, “the requirements conflict, overlap, and duplicate one another, making it very difficult to navigate among the various requirements to create an integrated program.”

According to the report, even worse, various government offices have their own interpretations of the regulations, which makes it a challenge for care providers to understand the specific requirements that must be met to establish an integrated service model. Barriers include a burdensome licensing process; different regulatory requirements for mental health providers and community health centers; different architectural requirements; and separate staffing requirements. The report shows there are also legal barriers – privacy and confidentiality laws at both state and federal levels – to the exchange of information between mental health and substance abuse counselors and primary care providers.

Another issue is that patients who want to visit the same office on the same day for separate visits usually have their claims denied by their insurance companies — even if one of their appointments is for physical health and the other appointment is for mental health.

While many things can seem complicated, Master Healer Pankaj Naram said that the truth is simple. Physical and mental health are connected, and people can see improvement in preventing problems in either area as soon as they take more responsibility for something as simple as what food they keep in their kitchen and put in their mouth. Diet and exercise choices can have a big impact on both mental and physical well being and balance.

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When people go on vacation, especially road trips, they tend to forgo any healthy eating habits they may have worked to achieve. The temptation to just stop at a fast food joint, order a few burgers through the drive through and continue on may be too great for some people.

eating healthy on road trips

Master Healer Pankaj Naram reveals top tips for eating healthy on road trips

Master Healer Pankaj Naram, an authority in Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets, teaches people about living healthier lives, including eating right. With that in mind, he wishes to share a couple of tips on how to ensure people eat healthier while they are on the road.

Bring a cooler. Pack the cooler with plenty of water. If you freeze some of the water bottles before leaving, they take longer to melt than ice cubes and make less of a mess. Master Healer Pankaj Naram suggests packing your healthy food items in plastic bags for quick, easy snacking.

Try to eat every four to five hours. It can be tempting on a road trip to just skip meals or push through an extra hour our two between meals just to reach the next destination.  Master Healer Pankaj Naram agrees this can cause a drop in your energy levels and spike your hunger so that by the time you do stop, you make bad diet choices. Besides that, experts indicate you may become more irritable and your reaction time while driving may be slowed.

Master Healer Pankaj Naram is a world authority in Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets who has transformed the health and peace of mind of more than 1 million people from around the world. Master Healer Pankaj Naram regularly visits India, Nepal, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, among other countries, please visit the website for dates and information on the schedule.   He strives to help people with everything from arthritis and diabetes to depression and epilepsy. Having been in this service for more than 30 years, the Master Healer has worked with such prominent spiritual leaders as the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Theresa. His Pankaj Naram Seva Foundation is a leader in bringing more health, happiness, hope, peace, possibility, and prosperity to everyone from little orphan kids, to indigenous tribal people, to 9-11 firefighters, to at-risk animals, to endangered herbal plants or woodland areas, and anywhere there is suffering and dis-ease. With multiple awards and worldwide recognition, many people seek out Pankaj Naram’s advice, teaching and wisdom, therefore his appointment book and Ancient Secrets Academy courses fill up quickly. To learn more about this Master Healer and his mission, you can visit now or

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