Master Healer Pankaj Naram shares tips for eating healthy on road trips

When people go on vacation, especially road trips, they tend to forgo any healthy eating habits they may have worked to achieve. The temptation to just stop at a fast food joint, order a few burgers through the drive through and continue on may be too great for some people.

eating healthy on road trips

Master Healer Pankaj Naram reveals top tips for eating healthy on road trips

Master Healer Pankaj Naram, an authority in Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets, teaches people about living healthier lives, including eating right. With that in mind, he wishes to share a couple of tips on how to ensure people eat healthier while they are on the road.

Bring a cooler. Pack the cooler with plenty of water. If you freeze some of the water bottles before leaving, they take longer to melt than ice cubes and make less of a mess. Master Healer Pankaj Naram suggests packing your healthy food items in plastic bags for quick, easy snacking.

Try to eat every four to five hours. It can be tempting on a road trip to just skip meals or push through an extra hour our two between meals just to reach the next destination.  Master Healer Pankaj Naram agrees this can cause a drop in your energy levels and spike your hunger so that by the time you do stop, you make bad diet choices. Besides that, experts indicate you may become more irritable and your reaction time while driving may be slowed.

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